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MAA Classes

The Milwaukie Academy of the Arts is an arts-integrated charter school within Milwaukie High School that designs its instruction in and through the arts. Students of Milwaukie Academy of the Arts will have access to all elective course offerings that are available to Milwaukie High School.

two students in a classroom using beakers to conduct science experiments
Student editing photos on computer

Milwaukie Academy of the Arts - (MAA)

Core classes (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) and Arts Lab as a MAA cohort.

Core classes are infused with art themes, strategies, and mindsets.

Milwaukie High School - (MHS)

All MHS electives, including Musical, Performing & Visual Arts are available to MAA students.

Required Health & PE courses also provided to MAA students.

Sabin-Schellenberg - (SSC)

MAA Students have the opportunity to take Career & Technical classes at another campus in our district. 

Students take a shuttle from MHS/MAA to SSC for these classes. 

MAA Core Classes