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We are here to support you!

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Your school counselors offer many services beyond scheduling and enrollment. In line with the American School Counselor Association's comprehensive counseling model, we offer comprehensive services in academic, personal/social, and college & career capacities.

These services may look like:
  • Brief, solution-focused individual counseling,

  • Small group counseling, or

  • Classroom counseling

Themes can include:
  • Future & academic planning

  • Career & College planning (e.g. trade school, 2- or 4-year college, etc.)

  • Anxiety & Stress Management

  • Family changes & divorce

  • Identity (e.g. Race, Origin, LGBTQIA2s+)


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Counselor for the 9th Grade

Ms. Staci

Email me

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Counselor for the 10th Grade 

Mr. Church

Email Me
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Counselor for the 11th Grade

Mr. Aguilar

Email me


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Counselor for the 12th Grade 

Ms. Baret

Email Me


Counseling Support Staff

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Judy Bryant

Email Me

  • (503) 353-5830 Ext.38308
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Jenni Bowker

Email me

  • (503) 353-5830 Ext.38309 
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College & Career Coordinator

Valentina Galindo

Email me

  • (503) 353-5830 Ext.38302
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ASPIRE Coordinator

Nathan Christ

Email me

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Student Engagement Specialist

Johanna Velazquez 

Email me

  • (503) 353-5830 Ext.38316
headshot of person smiling
School Social Worker

Kade Goldin

email me

  • (503) 353-5830 Ext. 35848
headshot of man smiling
School Psychologist

Patrick Joyce

email me

  • (503) 353-5830 Ext.38367