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School Boundaries

 Boundary Information

Tell Metro your address, find out your schools - 

This system allows you to use Metro's "School Locator" GIS software to find out what NC12 school(s) a student would attend for a specific address.

Go to the NCSD School Locator and follow the prompts. Some steps and tips for effective use of the Metro Map:

  1. Enter the Street Address or Intersection you are interested in. The system will show you matching address choices as you type.

  2. Click on "Search".

  3. If the search doesn't work make sure to use abbreviations for Street, AV, BLVD, etc. Include NE, SE, N, etc. Use 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.

  4. When the results come back, the address will show on a map along with a list showing the Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

  5. Click on the school's name within the list to link to the school's web site.

PLEASE NOTE: The North Clackamas School District has attempted to make this system as accurate as possible. In some specific cases near the joining of two school borders, it is possible that the School Locator may display an incorrect or conflicting result. The District is working to resolve these issues. 

If you have a specific School Boundary Question, please call: (503) 353-6119.

See links at the bottom of the page for up to date school boundary maps.

Feeder systems

Clackamas High School

Clackamas High School

Rock Creek Middle School

Mt. Scott
Oregon Trail
Spring Mountain
Adrienne C. Nelson High School

Adrienne C. Nelson High School

Happy Valley Middle School

Beatrice Morrow Cannady
Happy Valley
Verne Duncan
Rex Putnam High School

Rex Putnam High School

Alder Creek Middle School

Oak Grove
View Acres
Milwaukie El Puente**
Milwaukie High School

Milwaukie High School

Rowe Middle School

Seth Lewelling
Milwaukie El Puente
Lot Whitcomb

*Students at Sojourner go back to their school of residence and do not automatically feed into Rowe.

**Students at the Milwaukie El Puente DLI program may feed directly into Alder Creek, or may choose to revert back to their school of residence.

Elementary Boundaries

Middle School Boundaries

High School Boundaries